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Sun 05Treendale Taiko Flashmob!

Just in case you missed out Treendale’s first ever ‘flashmob’. Check out Treendale Taiko as they exploded into a team of 90 drummers performing KABOOM’s percussion number “Musical Chairs!”

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    Fri 12Kindy Graduation

    What a wonderful morning! A huge turnout from excited family and friends at our 2016 Kindy Graduation. Our Kindy friends were fantastic – even during a few technical glitches!  All our Kindy friends are very excited about their new adventure in 2017 in Pre-Primary....

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    Fri 11Kindy Orions, Solars and Stellars Assembly

    What a rocking assembly by the Kindy Orions, Solars and Stellars at last Friday’s assembly! We are extremely proud of everyone for speaking so confidently and performing their song with lots of enthusiasm. You guys rock!

    Sat 11Maths Learning Cycle in Room 1

    On Monday, 7th of November 2016, the Stellars participated in another Learning Cycle about Number Stories.  Mrs Boccia told us some stories which we used a variety of ways to work out. These techniques included using counters, bead strings, drawing and fingers. After each...

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    Fri 11Party Animals

    Today we went to a Scitech incursion. Our show was called ‘Party Animals’. We had to be detectives and look for clues to find 7 escaped zoo animals that had come to Treendale. Below are some photos of us enjoying the show.


    Thu 11Kindy Opals and Rubies Aussie Rhyming Assembly

    What an amazing job our Kindy Opals and Rubies did last Friday at Assembly! We are extremely proud of everyone for speaking so confidently and performing their song with lots of enthusiasm, along with their awesome Aussie rhyming words. 🙂

  • Fri 11Making Damper in Room 4

    On Thursday we had so much fun making damper. Our cross curricular lesson had students coding by following an algorithm (recipe), talking about measurement to get the right amounts of each ingredient and linked to our whole school history theme of ‘Ancient Australia’. Students...


    Fri 11Dr Suess Doodle Buddy Characters

    We have been loving reading our Dr Suess Books this term in Kindy. So far we have read Hop on Pop, The Cat in the Hat and Ten Apples Up on Top. This week we each created a Dr Suess character using the iPad,...

  • Sun 102016 Faction Athletics Carnival

    It was a super special Fabulous Friday for our Kindy children as they participated in the whole school Faction Carnival.  They began their day by joining all the big kids for the faction gathering and march. Then they went back to the Undercover Area to do some...