App Smashing in Kindy!

App Smashing in Kindy!

In Kindy we have been loving using the iPads and learning about new apps. Some of our favourites include: Eggy Alphabet, Eggy Numbers, Tangrams, Geoboard and Doodle Buddy.

We have recently been learning how to ‘app smash’ using the camera function on the iPad and the Doodle Buddy app. App smashing is when we use a number of apps at the same time.

Last week’s creation involved our learning of the Olympics. We had to follow a 5 step ‘work flow’ to create our Olympic Doodle Buddy photo. We had to first take a photo of our friend wearing their Olympic medal and RIO torch. Then we wrote our name and drew the Olympic rings, remembering to use the correct colours.

See our amazing app smashing creations below!


IMG_0950IMG_0976 IMG_0965 IMG_0972

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