Specialist Learning Areas


Treendale Primary School offers a dynamic music program from Pre-Primary to Year six that engages all students working collaboratively as musicians in listening, composing and performing. Music inspires creative thinking and self-expression through singing games, movement, dance, ukulele and percussion work on xylophones, marimba, djembe and Taiko drums. Students enjoy actively participating and using technology in music to interact with different musical styles and to enrich their understandings of other cultures and the world.

Choir and Taiko drumming are offered as extracurricular activities. Always fun, these ensemble groups provide outstanding opportunities for all students to develop confidence and teamwork through musical performance. Upper primary students are invited to join the Department of Education’s specialised School of Instrumental Music program. Students accepted into this program are given weekly lessons on flute or guitar.


Students at Treendale Primary School participate in a technology based Science Program that covers all Science content areas of the Australian Curriculum: Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space. The Science Program focuses on Science Inquiry that seeks to inspire curiosity and provide learning opportunities that help students understand new scientific concepts.

The contemporary and vibrant Science laboratory is a flexible learning space containing wet areas and a broad range of modern equipment, including Bunsen burners, microscopes and STEM electronics. Students engage in hands-on collaborative investigations and communicate their discoveries using a variety of creative iPad apps including Seesaw.

STEM challenges are incorporated within the Science Program and students are encouraged to enter the South West Engineers’ Spaghetti Tower and Bridge Competition. There are two Science Clubs in which students enjoy fun experiments and STEM activities; many students are also involved in the CSIRO Science and Technology CREST Award.

Students participate in the Waste Wise Schools’ Program and various Scitech Projects. The Water Corporation and Scitech have visited our school for a number of incursions whilst students in Year 5 and 6 have also enjoyed excursions to the Science and Engineering Discovery Day held at the South West Sports Centre. Currently, selected Year 6 students attend Australind SHS to partake in a Science Extension Program.

Health and Physical Education

The Treendale Primary School Health and Physical Education Program enables students to engage in a variety of learning activities to increase their knowledge of healthy lifestyles, wellbeing and physical fitness. As a result of participating in Physical Education students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Demonstrate motor and fundamental movement skills to confidently perform a variety of physical activities.
  2. Understand movement concepts, principles and tactics as they apply to various sports and modified games.
  3. Understand the importance of and make educated decisions about achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles.
  4. Demonstrate responsible personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings.
  5. Integrate and utilise various ICT and apps to expand their understanding of movement skills and games strategies.
  6. Participate in extra curricula activities such as Treendale Turbos and assorted sport carnivals and competitions.


In accordance with the Australian Curriculum the following Strands will be used in our HPE Program to meet students social, emotional and physical needs to build strong, confident and resilient learners:

  • Personal, social and community health
  • Being healthy, safe and active
  • Communicating and interacting for health and well being
  • Contributing to healthy and active communities
  • Moving our body
  • Understanding movement
  • Learning through movement