Changing Times

Think back to when you finished high school – did you have a mobile phone? Do you remember what it looked like? What technology were you using then?

This questioning is a glimpse into the rapidly changing world and Treendale Primary School wants to ensure that we are preparing students to be able to adapt with the changing technologies so they can confidently approach their future.

Technology is integrated into lessons to enhance the learning process, providing students the opportunity to explore, collaborate and communicate their findings in an engaging manner.

Teacher Development School

At Treendale we are proud to have been a Digital Technologies Teacher Development School since 2016.

We hold iDiscover@TreendalePS TDS events once a term that provide an opportunity for educators to observe classes in all year levels using Digital Technologies to enhance and redefine learning outcomes for all students, discuss the school’s journey and vision with teachers and school leaders and find out how you can begin or improve your Digital Technologies journey for your school.

If you would like information about our next iDiscover day, email

Apple Distinguished Program

We are very excited and proud to have been named as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2016 & 2017. This is a testament to the hard work of all staff and students and the way technology is embraced at Treendale as a tool to enhance and redefine learning for students.

Digital Technologies at Treendale Primary School

Treendale Techies

Empowering students to troubleshoot and problem solve with technology is an important part of equipping our students with the skills they need for their future. Each class has nominated two students for the role of Treendale Techies. These students have proven themselves to be clever problem solvers and will be trained up to assist their peers to solve IT problems and learn new apps.

iPad iPromise